Instructions of PICCOLI

updated :2018.8.1

PICCOLI, the library for children, was opened in 1978 with the aim of raising children in a rich cultural environment full of hopes and dreams. PICCOLI, with a collection of 17,000 picture books and children’s literature from Japan and around the world, welcomes you in Uryuyama, Kyoto. (or is open to everyone for free.)

□ Opening hours

・10:30 -18:00 on Thursdays – Saturdays
・10:30 – 17:00 on Sundays

*Closed on Mondays – Wednesdays, Obon holidays and New Year holidays.

For more information and updates, check our website :

User Guide

□ All the books and magazines in PICCOLI are available to everyone for free.

□ Users are required to produce a valid library card to borrow books from PICCOLI.

Please fill in the form and take it to the counter. For more details, please visit the counter.

□ Up to 5 books at a time can be borrowed for 2 weeks per person.


Join us for various fun events at PICCOLI.

□ Pooh-Yokocho(story telling) (Sundays Once a month /15:30 -16:00)

held by members of ‘Kyoto Storytelling Club’

□ Booktalk-no-Jikan
(story telling about science and others) (Saturdays Once a month /15:30-16:00)


+ Respect all the items and equipment in PICCOLI.
+ Please return books by the due date. You cannot borrow any new items until you return them, and your borrowing privileges will be suspended.
+ Books lost, damaged and defaced must be paid for by the borrower.
+ If you damage facilities or items, we will charge you for the cost of repairing or buying a new one.
+ Eating and drinking (including plastic bottles) is not permitted in PICCOLI. Playing games is not allowed either.
+ Preschool children must be accompanied and supervised by their guardians.
+ If you break the rules and regulations, we may ask you to leave PICCOLI and prohibit you from using PICCOLI thereafter.